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The Last Sons is the second part of the overarching meta-plot of the Deadlands setting by the Pinnacle Entertainment Group, the first part being The Flood. In the first installment, the posse ventured out west to find Samuel Hellman, a missing agent from The Agency, and they were forcefully drawn into a conflict between Dr. Hellstromme of Wasatch Corporation and Reverend Grimme of the city of Lost Angels. Hellstromme aimed to win the big contract for Ghost Rock out of Lost Angels, and Grimme wanted nothing to do with the mad scientist. Armed forces clashed, the city burned, blood was shed, and Dr. Hellstromme emerged the victor after dropping several ghost bombs on the city.

The posse was horrified by what they witnessed and they left Dr. Hellstromme's service. Then, by a twist of fate, the posse was thrown into the future, where they saw firsthand the awful results of how history would play out after the Battle of Lost Angels. The world had become a literal Hell on Earth. They also learned that Brother Grimme was actually the demon, Famine (see the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse), and he was draining the land dry.

The posse found a way to return to the past, aiming for a few weeks before the battle, and they went in search of the Wasatch dirigibles which would drop the ghost bombs. Their search took them to Arizona, where they also learned where to find Samuel Hellman in Brother Grimme's dungeons. They captured the first dirigible and stopped the second one just as it was about to drop its payload on Lost Angels. History changed, they invaded Grimme's prison on Rock Island and rescued Sam. The agent revealed to them the means to destroy Grimme, and they decided to bring the preacher to a violent end then and there.

They confronted Brother Grimme and his minions in the Lost Angels Cathedral, and as the epic battle drew to a close, a giant wave rose up and crashed down on the city. Brother Grimme and his followers were destroyed, while those who opposed him found themselves spared a horrible fate. The world was as right as it could be and the posse disbanded.

Some time has passed and it seems the powers that be have a new purpose for Rodrigo, and a new posse to join him on his adventures.

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