Deadlands: The Last Sons

Welcome to Deadwood!
Session 3
  • The posse sat down with Wovoka and he told them about the Ghost Dance. He suggested they look for someone named Charley Bull in Deadwood if they want to help more. Wovoka and the Ghost Dancers left to take their fallen to the hunting grounds.
  • The posse returned to the stagecoach, they found Jeb and Big Dany McKeever have finished repairs and the train is gone. The group continued on to Deadwood and arrived just ahead of a large force of Union soldiers. Rodrigo urged Jeb to bypass the soldiers (considering his shady past) and a small group followed them into town to question them.

  • They ducked into the Mint Gambling Saloon where Kitty Leroy had just finished one of her performances. The bartender gave Rodrigo a bit of grief, but when Kitty heard Rodrigo's name, he told her barman to serve up the drinks. Rodrigo then sat down for some gambling while Kara kept to herself and Deandra stayed close to her charge. Working the gamblers a bit, they learn that Charley Bull can normally be found at the Langrishe Theater in the evening. Rodrigo left to draw away the Union soldiers looking for him, while the ladies went on to the theater.
  • Deandra and Kara found Charley Bull (as well as a tough crowd) and learned he had already heard they had helped Wovoka. Apparently, word travels fast in Deadwood. He told them about his missing friend, Wallace Blount, and asked them to help look for him. The ladies agreed.
  • Meanwhile, Rodrigo was caught in an alley by the Union soldiers and they kicked the crud out of him. Bruised and bleeding, he went to the theater to find Deandra and Kara. If they noticed his wounds, they ignored them.
  • Rodrigo wandered off again while Deandra and Kara went to the Black Hill's Miner's Supply. Deandra, an Agent in training, had orders to report to Richard Speakman when she arrived in Deadwood. Mr. Speakman was a bit on the grouchy side but he welcomed Deandra and gave her her instructions for her time in Deadwood. He was not happy to hear Rodrigo "Six Feet Under" Sanchez was in Deadwood, and he reiterated her standing orders to keep an eye on him. He also mentioned there were rumors than some of Detective Pinkerton's infamous "missing files" may have shown up in Deadwood and to keep her ears open for any information.
  • The two ladies went to the famous Grand Central Hotel but were turned away. Lt Col. Custer had commandeered the hotel and there was no room for anyone besides his officers. Instead, they found a small boarding house on the edge of town and rented a room.
  • Evening set in while they looked for Rodrigo and they found him near the Iron Dragon Depot just in time to witness a murder! A Chinese man ran out of the depot and was shot by a mystery man who disappeared before he could be identified. The street filled with gawkers, but no one would lift a finger to help and Kara got into a verbal confrontation with a self-righteous woman who did not like Kara's suggestion to burn the corpse.
  • Just before Kara douses the body in flames, Deandra noticed the Chinese man held a file folder with the tell-tale signs of bring Agency property. She intervened just long enough to grab the file.
  • They retreated to the boarding house. Kara and Rodrigo got drunk while Deandra read the files which was a series of top secret documents detailing the Robber Prince, Sam Bass (who the posse had sent to meet his maker the day before).
  • In the morning, Kara gave Rodrigo enough alcohol to knock himself out (yeah, right) and the ladies returned to report to Richard Speakman about the shooting. Deandra turned the file on Sam Bass over to him and updated him on the villain's fate. Mr. Speakman praised their work and asked Deandra to keep looking into the issue. Meanwhile, a drunk Rodrigo went wandering.
  • On the way back to the boarding house, the ladies found Rodrigo drunk in the street talking to strangers who were not thrilled with the encounter. A gunman with a red bandana covering his face confronted Rodrigo. He apparently knew the Mexican Blade and accused him of defiling their order and stealing their secrets. Rodrigo could not remember what the man was talking about, but was pretty sure he was actually guilty (because that is totally something he would do).
  • The gunman kicked Rodrigo through the window of the Stebbins & Post Bank and followed him inside to finish him off. Deandra and Kara quickly followed. Against the three of them, the gunman did not stand a chance and Kara finished him off with a shot in the back. Trouble really did follow Rodrigo wherever he went.
  • They went back to the boarding house to collect themselves and discuss their next plan of action. Find the missing Agency documents? Go looking for Wallace Blount? Keep Rodrigo alive? It was just their first day in town and already things were getting messy.
Saving Wovoka
Session 2

This was a short session due to circumstances outside our control.

  • The posse rushed to Sky Hawk's side and realized he was not dead, only unconscious. No one was trained in medicine but they managed to stabilize his wounds and tend to their own.
  • After a short rest, the posse walked several miles to find Sky Hawk's allies. They found Wovoka, a pair of Ghost Dancers, and a pair of Paiute braves surrounded by another group of Sioux. Kara could not identify their tribe.

  • The posse and Sky Hawk rushed into battle, splitting themselves up to face the surrounding foes. Rodrigo moved south and opened fire on the enemies closing from the south. Deandra moved north with Sky Hawk at her side. Kara drew her bow and began shooting at the enemies on the far side of the stream. Wovoka and the Ghost Dancers are pacifists and would not attack but they called upon the spirits to bolster the defenses of the people who came to save them.
  • Wovoka called the attackers Ravenites as he took cover with the Ghost Dancers. Their leader, Hoarse From Roaring, struck down one of the Paiute braves who challenged him and then took cover behind rocks to shoot at Rodrigo. Kara snuck around the back sides of the rocks to shoot at him with her bow. Rodrigo, Deandra, and Sky Hawk focuses on the Ravenite braves to eliminate that threat.
  • Hoarse From Roaring turned on Kara and blasted her with his rifle. It might have been the end of our hero, had she not rolled an incredible multi-Ace soak roll. Wovoka rushed from cover to call upon the spirits to heal her wounds so she could continue fighting.
  • The group collapsed on Hoarse From Roaring, and as is appropriate after the hit she took, Kara landed the killing blow against the Ravenite warrior.

End of Session
1 XP

Marshal's Notes
Like I said, it was a short session, but we had fun and we are looking forward to next session when the posse will finally start learning about what is going on in Sioux territory.

The White Calf
Session 1
  • Deandra Harte, Kara, and Rodrigo Sanchez are traveling via stagecoach to the town of Deadwood when they are ambushed by the Sam Bass Gang. The posse quickly dispatched the outlaws.

  • Keb McKeever, their driver, told them it would take 8 hours to fix the stagecoach, so they settled in for the night.
  • The posse spots strange lights in the distance and identified them as a train which comes to a stop not far away. They decided to investigate.
  • At the train, they found Iron Dragon workers and muscle unloading weapons, ammo, and gunpowder. They suspected the Iron Dragon were up to no good. Kara started the attack with a well-aimed shot which hit one of the barrels of gunpowder. BOOM! Rodrigo and Deandra circled around to flank the Iron Dragon and after a tough fight, the Iron Dragon were defeated.
  • They interrogated one of the survivors and learned the weapons were for Chief Sitting Bull and his braves. Kara was infuriated by the idea and had to be calmed down by Deandra and Rodrigo.

  • Before they left the train, an injured Paiute brave arrived and fell from his horse. He told them his name was Sky Hawk and he had been injured when his group was attacked by another tribe of Indians. He begged the posse to help him and someone named Wovoka, who was still with the group. The posse agreed to help.
  • In route to help Sky Hawk's allies, the posse is attacked by a pair of Devil Bats. Sky Hawk was killed by the Devil Bats before the posse could destroy them.

  • The session ended. Deandra and Kara earned 3 XP. Rodrigo earned 2 XP.

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