Deadlands: The Last Sons

The Chinese Connection

Session 4

  • Deandra and Kara retreated to Nuttal and Manis' Tavern for nachos, shots, and some conversation. The game session began with a reading of the dialogue in which they got to know each other a bit better.
  • The next morning the trio debated traveling to Blount's Claim to check on the miner but instead decided to stick to the case of the missing files. At the Iron Dragon Depot, they learned the Chinese man who had been killed was named Chen Wa.
  • From there, they ventured into Deadwood's Chinatown to learn more about Chen Wa but their inquiry drew the attention of Wang Fu, who had been assigned by the Iron Dragon to investigate Chen Wa's death. He immediately suspected the posse to be the killers.
  • Deandra took a chance with the elderly Chinese man and revealed she worked for The Agency and showed him how to identify items that belonged to her organization. Once the information was revealed, Wang Fu revealed his true colors and his minions attacked.

  • The posse mowed down the martial arts minions, but Wang Fu proved to be a much greater threat. As the battle drew on, Wang Fu realized he could not win the fight and he fled.
  • The encounter was brief but it revealed the Iron Dragon were interested in the files and did not possess them. So the posse went back to the Iron Dragon Depot to see if the rest of the files had been left behind by Chen Wa.
  • They searched the depot while keeping themselves inconspicuous and found a crate with the remaining files. Rodrigo kept watch while the ladies unloaded the contents of the crate into Kara's bags. Rodrigo spotted someone keeping an eye on them and he confronted the man, making a spectacle of himself. The man fled while Rodrigo did his best to draw attention to the both of them.
  • As the man rode away on his horse, Rodrigo was distracted by a group of Indians crawling across the rooftops along main street. He waved to them and they disappeared from view.
  • The posse was in route to the boarding house when a pair of deputies (Deputies Anderson and Gallows) confronted them. They said they were investigating the murder of Chen Wa and they had been given a description of three people who matched the posse.
  • At the same time, a businessman named Allen Neal Jones Styles and several gunmen approached from behind the posse. Mr. Styles accused the posse of stealing his property from the depot and insisted the deputies arrest them and return what was rightfully his.
  • They sparred verbally for a bit and it got ugly fast. Frustrated, the deputies grabbed Kara and tried to take her bags by force. A gunfight ensued!
  • Mr. Styles and most of his gunmen took cover immediately while the posse's attention was on the deputies. Deputy Gallows was promptly shot and gutted, bringing his career as a lawman (and his life) to an end. Kara stabbed Deputy Anderson and he retreated to shoot from cover.
  • The posse's enemies were split across both sides of the street which put them at a tactical disadvantage. While the posse attacked along the north side of the street, they were easy targets for those taking cover on the south side. Deputy Anderson kept retreating, and eventually, the villains began to get the best of the posse.

Marshal's Note: It was about to be a TPK, so I encouraged the players to consider retreating. You can't win every fight.

  • Rodrigo ran to Kara and grabbed one of her bags, making a big ado about taking the files from her. He then ran one direction while Deandra and Kara retreated another (with the files safely in the bag Kara still held). Mr. Styles yelled for Deputy Anderson to get reinforcements while they began chasing Rodrigo through the streets of Deadwood.

Was Mr. Styles tricked by Rodrigo's subterfuge? Can the Mexican Blade escape to fight another day? What will Deandra and Kara do with the files?

2 XP



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