Deadlands: The Last Sons

Tango with the Dead

Session 5

  • Rodrigo led his pursuers on a mad dash through Deadwood and managed to escape them with only a level of exhaustion. Back at the boarding house, the posse bandaged themselves up but decided to lay low while their wounds healed. Over the next five days, they rested and perused the Pinkerton files which provided a wealth of information about the Weird West and its inhabitants. Deandra mulled over the files and decided to keep them for now.
  • As they prepared to leave the boarding house, there was a knock on their door. Rodrigo answered and met Agent Simon McCoy, who asked to see Deandra. Agent McCoy provided his credentials and explained he had been assigned to complete her training as an Agent. His naivety got the best of him and he offended Kara, but he convinced the posse his intentions aligned with theirs. The group went to the edge of town (after passing the Union forces) and Agent McCoy set up a temporary shooting range to see what the posse could do. They impressed him with their shooting skills, and the group set off to head to Blount's Claim.
  • The sky opened up and poured rain down upon the posse. As they entered the edge of the Black Hills, they happened upon the remains of miners and soldiers who had crossed the Sioux and come to an awful end on poles alongside the road. The site was unsettling but no one lost their lunch.
  • Just as they were about to pass, two of the corpses leaped from the poles and attacked. The posse protected each other as the corpses took turns trying to lash them up to poles to die (catching Kara, Rodrigo, and Deandra each in turn, but each escaped their grasp). The posse quickly realized they couldn't hurt the critters (only because their dice went insanely cold, and one of Rodrigo's colts blew up in his hand) and they learned their lesson last session. Agent McCoy turned on the closest pole man and blasted it with his gatling pistol and turned it into Swiss cheese, giving Rodrigo an opening to finish it off. They beat a hasty retreat and managed to escape the last of the pole men.

  • Soon after, they reached Wallace Blount's claim and the place was a bloody mess, but they weren't fooled. Despite the blood everywhere, there were no signs of a struggle or gunfire. Inside a shed, they found a miner who was not Wallace (whose name they never got). He seemed determined to lie to them, but Rodrigo convinced him that wasn't in his best interests/ The miner told them Wallace had witnessed a deal going down between Kang's Chinese enforcers and a band of Sioux (Kara was not happy to hear this). Wallace has left for a place called Dusky Jewel to investigate further, although the miner was convinced the place didn't really exist. The posse allowed the miner to go in peace and set out to see if the Dusky Jewel was real or not.
  • After several hours ride, the rain let up and they found themselves south of the Black Hills and heading east. In the distance, they spotted a large mining camp and even more interesting, they spotted a band of Indians spying on the camp. Kara recognized them as Hunkpapa (Lakota) and the posse approached the warband with caution.
  • The leader of the Hunkpapa motioned for the posse to keep a safe distance. Although he recognized Kara as Sioux, he did not trust the rest of the posse. The posse learned the camp in the distance was being run by the Chinese (most likely one of Kang's operations), and had been set up illegally (the reason it was not known by most folks). The Hunkpapa advised caution to the posse who were determined to go to the camp to find Wallace. The groups went their separate ways in peace.

  • Approaching Dusky Jewel, the posse decided they wanted to sneak into the camp and Kara was adamant they do as much damage as they could as well. They lacked the weapons (or numbers) to take out the camp, but a mining camp is bound to have explosives, so they decided to search for that as well as Wallace.
  • Along the creek, they found an opening in the wall and swam into the camp. Stealthily, they made their way through town and found a storage building. Inside, Rodrigo knocked out a pair of Chinese workers and they found a case of dynamite, which they divided amongst themselves (giving some to Agent McCoy when he assured them he was not against damaging Kang's operations as well).
  • Leaving the storage building, Kara spotted a white man hanging from a pole near the gallows at the center of town. She snuck to the gallows and confirmed her suspicion it was Wallace, dead. She quickly retreated to the posse when another worker came around a corner and spotted them. He yelled for the alarm and Rodrigo shot him square between the eyes. Dusky Jewel came to life around them.

3 XP

Great session! We had a great time and the posse has a mess of trouble to deal with next session.



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