Deadlands: The Last Sons

Death on the Desert Plains

Session 6

  • The posse fought their way out of Dusky Jewel and made for their horses. Led by three of the infamous Seven (samurai working for Kang) on steam velocipedes. Our heroes quickly put some distance between themselves and the bulk of the men chasing them, but the samurai killed Agent McCoy during the chase.
  • Deandra was incapacitated just before she and Rodrigo were knocked from their horses. Kara rounded up the horses while Rodrigo turned and faced the remaining samurai. He killed them all.
  • Kara made camp and hid with the unconscious Deandra while Rodrigo raced back to Deadwood. He rushed past the Union barricade and found Mr. Speakman who went to find a doctor when he learned what had happened.
  • The senior agent returned with Doctor Palmer who recognized Rodrigo from their encounter several months before (Devil's Night Savage Tale). After the trouble with the Black Coachman, the doctor had moved to Deadwood where he hoped he could avoid trouble of the supernatural variety. Needless to say, he was hesitant to follow Rodrigo anywhere, but his vow as a doctor (and a threat from Rodrigo) convinced him to help.
  • They road back to Kara and Deandra, and then retreated to town after stabilizing the young agent-in-training.
  • Back in town, Mr. Speakman passed word about Dusky Jewel. Col. Custer sent his men to investigate and word came back the town had been taken control of and shut down. Mr. Speakman managed to keep the posse's names out of the news.
  • The posse decided to take a nice, long rest to recover from their injuries.
  • Meanwhile, word began to spread about folks going missing in Chinatown. Soon after, some folks went missing from tent city as well.
  • A young woman named Linda Connor came to visit Deandra. She told the posse her husband, Henrik Connor, had gone missing and Charley Bull had told her to find Deandra.
  • The posse worked tent city and learned about several more folks who had gone missing. One of the victims' wives, Mrs. Genevieve, informed the posse she didn't know who took her husband, Rupert, but she had seen his husband talking to a Mexican businessman named Alonzo. Alonzo was new in town and he had already made some wealthy friends despite no one knowing what kind of work he did.
  • Rodrigo wandered the town drunkenly asking for Alonzo until a Union soldier pointed him towards Nuttal & Mann's No. 10 Saloon.

  • In the saloon, the posse argued with the bartender a bit and eventually found Alonzo sitting with Mr. Styles and his hired goons. The posse tried to parley but Mr. Styles was only interested in a good fight. The rest of the saloon patrons fled as both sides opened fire.
  • With only a few scrapes, the posse dropped all of Styles' hired guns and the businessman surrendered while Alonzo tried to run, but he could not escape.

+2 XP



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