Deadlands: The Last Sons

The White Calf

Session 1

  • Deandra Harte, Kara, and Rodrigo Sanchez are traveling via stagecoach to the town of Deadwood when they are ambushed by the Sam Bass Gang. The posse quickly dispatched the outlaws.

  • Keb McKeever, their driver, told them it would take 8 hours to fix the stagecoach, so they settled in for the night.
  • The posse spots strange lights in the distance and identified them as a train which comes to a stop not far away. They decided to investigate.
  • At the train, they found Iron Dragon workers and muscle unloading weapons, ammo, and gunpowder. They suspected the Iron Dragon were up to no good. Kara started the attack with a well-aimed shot which hit one of the barrels of gunpowder. BOOM! Rodrigo and Deandra circled around to flank the Iron Dragon and after a tough fight, the Iron Dragon were defeated.
  • They interrogated one of the survivors and learned the weapons were for Chief Sitting Bull and his braves. Kara was infuriated by the idea and had to be calmed down by Deandra and Rodrigo.

  • Before they left the train, an injured Paiute brave arrived and fell from his horse. He told them his name was Sky Hawk and he had been injured when his group was attacked by another tribe of Indians. He begged the posse to help him and someone named Wovoka, who was still with the group. The posse agreed to help.
  • In route to help Sky Hawk's allies, the posse is attacked by a pair of Devil Bats. Sky Hawk was killed by the Devil Bats before the posse could destroy them.

  • The session ended. Deandra and Kara earned 3 XP. Rodrigo earned 2 XP.



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