Deadlands: The Last Sons

Saving Wovoka

Session 2

This was a short session due to circumstances outside our control.

  • The posse rushed to Sky Hawk's side and realized he was not dead, only unconscious. No one was trained in medicine but they managed to stabilize his wounds and tend to their own.
  • After a short rest, the posse walked several miles to find Sky Hawk's allies. They found Wovoka, a pair of Ghost Dancers, and a pair of Paiute braves surrounded by another group of Sioux. Kara could not identify their tribe.

  • The posse and Sky Hawk rushed into battle, splitting themselves up to face the surrounding foes. Rodrigo moved south and opened fire on the enemies closing from the south. Deandra moved north with Sky Hawk at her side. Kara drew her bow and began shooting at the enemies on the far side of the stream. Wovoka and the Ghost Dancers are pacifists and would not attack but they called upon the spirits to bolster the defenses of the people who came to save them.
  • Wovoka called the attackers Ravenites as he took cover with the Ghost Dancers. Their leader, Hoarse From Roaring, struck down one of the Paiute braves who challenged him and then took cover behind rocks to shoot at Rodrigo. Kara snuck around the back sides of the rocks to shoot at him with her bow. Rodrigo, Deandra, and Sky Hawk focuses on the Ravenite braves to eliminate that threat.
  • Hoarse From Roaring turned on Kara and blasted her with his rifle. It might have been the end of our hero, had she not rolled an incredible multi-Ace soak roll. Wovoka rushed from cover to call upon the spirits to heal her wounds so she could continue fighting.
  • The group collapsed on Hoarse From Roaring, and as is appropriate after the hit she took, Kara landed the killing blow against the Ravenite warrior.

End of Session
1 XP

Marshal's Notes
Like I said, it was a short session, but we had fun and we are looking forward to next session when the posse will finally start learning about what is going on in Sioux territory.



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